Staff Contacts

Staff Name


Mrs. Anne George

Principal/Special Education

Mrs. Nancy Reinke

Office Administrator

Ms. Geline Trebinskie


Ms. Ellen Robison

Grade 1/2

Ms. Trish Stott

Grade 3/4

Mr. Simon Chappell

Grade 3 (Synchronous Remote)

Mr. Ben VanWesenbeeck Grade 5/6
Mrs. Jodi Recoskie Grade 7/8
to be determined Special Education/Arts
Mme. Danielle Bissonnette French/Arts
Mrs. Melanie Gienow Educational Assistant
Mrs. Lee-Ann Kuehl Educational Assistant
Mrs. Natalie McClement Educational Assisstant
Ms. Leslie Stringer-Jenkins School Support Counsellor
Mrs. Erin Day Early Childhood Educator
Mr. Anthony Yandernoll Chief Custodian
Mr. Les Hershoff Lunch Hour Supervisor
Mr. David Kaiser  Trustee