The new Killaloe Public School building was opened June 10th, 1992, with Mr. Gord Strathy as the first Principal in the new location. It is located on Queen Street at the entrance to the town; replacing the older school building which is currently housing the municipal buildings and library (closer to the centre of town).

What makes the construction of Killaloe Public School building unique is the brick mural on the front of the building.  The mural was a winning design of Killaloe Public School Grade 8 student, Joel Primeau. It was chosen by the KPS students.

Joel's vision was turned into a brick design by Canada Brick, Mississauga. The series of numbered bricks came to the school location for the brick layer create the mural on the front of our building.

The mural depicts a tree, (growth, community), a book (knowledge, learning), a basketball (athletics), a balloon and a pencil mounted on the face of a pocket watch.  The watch seems to partially eclipse the sun and the moon. It's design definitely leaves its meaning and significance open to the viewer's interpretation.

(Source: Gerald Tracey, Eganville Leader Co-Publisher)