The Arts

The Killaloe Hagarty and Richards area is steeped in musical talent and tradition.  At Kilalloe Public School we strive to foster the love of music and the arts among all our students.  The amount of talent we have within our walls is amazing!

The Music Program

Our school offers a full music program for grades 5 - 8. This program is taught by Miss Havey who has extensive musical training in a wide variety of musical genres.  Being part of the Madawaska family of schools means we get to take part in a unique music program model. Students learn small ensemble style music rather than the large scale concert band model delivered in other schools within the board. Students are trained on instruments such as guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums.  This is our third year offering the music program and the progress has been astounding!  By grade 7/8, students are performing a variety of music of their choice in small groups.  Many of our students have purchased their own guitars so they can continue honing their skills at home. Our young musicians head off to MVDHS with training in performance, reading and even writing music!  The culmination of our musical journey is showcased at the annual "School of Rock Concert" founded by our former music/french teacher, Madame MacPhee.  The skills learned in this program will no doubt carry on throughout our students' lives.  Whether they someday perform at Blues Night at the Wilno Tavern, or hammer out some Johnny Cash tunes sitting around a bonfire, the musical education they receive at our school will help nurture their love of music for years to come.

Talent Show

With so much talent in our little school, it is only natural to showcase it at the annual talent show.  The KPS Talent Show is held every June.  Students of all ages are welcomed to audition.  We have performers of all kinds - dancers, singers, musicians, and even comedians.  We hold two shows - one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  Keep an eye on our school calendar to find out when the talent show is being held.  It's too good to miss!

Olde Time Band

This year our school has been given the wonderful opportunity to learn from a local musician.  Every Friday morning before school, Ish Theilheimer, with the help of Ms. Eisner, our kindergarten teacher, host music practices open to students with basic skills in guitar, fiddle, banjo and mandolin, among other interesting instruments.  The group performed at our annual Christmas concert.  Stay tuned, as we are sure to hear more from this fantastic group of performers.